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16–03 Friday

Ankali x Trolldans 5 years:

Claudio PRC


Olle Bergkvist

One of our favourite labels Trolldans Records are taking over Ankali for a whole night with three extraordinary artists bound to play: Claudio PRC, Svreca and our friend Olle.

Claudio PRC must ring a bell to any techno head out there: an expert creator of hallucinatory techno is coming to Prague for the third time, having already played at Polygon and most recently in Ankali with Ness as The Gods Planet, which was one of the most memorable parties we’ve hosted. Joining him will be Svreca who runs the label Semantica and has been known as a dj with weakness for expansive, spatial techno overflowing with tension and ominous vibe. Wrapping up the bill is the man behind Trolldans – Olle Bergkvist, a dj schooled within the afterhours scene in Malmö. Trolldans’ aesthetic was inspired by the Swedish nature as well as paintings of John Bauer and aside from impeccable hallucinatory Techno courtesy of Recondite, Skudge, Claudio PRC or Svreca, the label’s recognition is also rooted in the unique, fairytale-esque visuality. The schedule will be released when the time is right, but it already feels like this will be a long ride.