11–04 Sobota

Phuong-Dan w/ Nosedrip

The loudest thunder has just hit yet I heard loud and clear everything you have just said. She is so startled and petrified but they say it makes the body’s neurons work 3 times faster. I was looking for someone to sip from their drink because mine makes my throat dry.

Phuong-Dan has invited Nosedrip to play back to back. Back to back means playing next to each other, with each other, taking turns at the turntables or CDJs. It also means covering each other’s back, but it can also mean many other things. Together they will be covering their backs and stretching and warping the meaning of the term itself.

Nosedrip comes from Belgium and he can bring people to an early grave with a smile. He keeps his records neatly ordered in a 100% wood closet he had built with the help of his father. If you’d like to get an idea of what kind of records he will pick from that closet, click here: http://bit.ly/2PEAX67

📡 Phuong-Dan 📡 [ Ankali, Gatto Musculoso/Golden Pudel ]

🛸 Nosedrip 🛸 [ STROOM ]