06–11 Friday

Vladimir Ivkovic & Ivan Smagghe
Volume Sphere & DeSteffan

Versatile. Oddball. Adventurous. Selector. Sounds familiar? These adjectives have become way too ubiquitous when describing the type of DJs who seem to dare to take the unknown paths ‹‹full roller-coaster›› and while there has been hundreds of up-and-coming players jumping on the train of youtube-digging ‹‹introvert exhibitionists›› there are only a few OGs of ”the DJs’ DJ” breed who really deserve this sort of praise. Two of the finest will soon be landing in Prague to play an extended set at Ankali: Ivan Smagghe and Vladimir Ivkovic ‹‹treated each other››

Rumor has it that the frenchman Smagghe ”has the ability to play music like a raw conduit between his famously obscure records and the dancefloor’s strobe-soaked bodies”, tested by two decades in the game ‹‹certain power›› while Ivkovic has cut his teeth as resident of the now legendary Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf ‹‹ promotes shallowness›› Together they will play an extended opening/headline slot of the night followed by the Radio Laude fellows Volume Sphere and DeSteffan who seem to be inhabiting a similarly eclectic sound area on a local level ‹‹do not sleep much››