Claudio PRC

It was clear since his first visit to Ankali with The Gods Planet that Claudio would become a part of the family, one way or another. To inaugurate his Volumi Dinamici night back in 2018 he invited Cio D’Or, later followed by Wrong Assessment, Blazej Malinowski and DJ Nobu to mention a few. Active as a DJ and a producer since 2006, he has released on Prologue Music or Semantica Records and has recently introduced a label of his own – 012, a platform for art and sound research. Claudio is an italian techno specialist who takes cues from avant-garde and ambient music as well as the abyssal volumes of early hypnotic acid and dub. Even if the sonic darkness he usually unleashes isn’t exactly your thing, it’s the joy he spreads around that will keep you magnetized.