16–08 Friday

Boston 168

When Boston 168 played in Ankali for the first time, it was the first edition of Archiv Teknologi ever. It’s hard to conceal the excitement ‹‹303 ways to change your mind›› from the fact that two years later they finally return ‹‹all hazers in the world unite›› The Italian duo represent a vein of Techno towards which we feel major affection ‹‹blushing in the corner›› Their acidic trips ‹‹i think i don’t have any feet›› found a way to such labels as Attic or Odd Even and most recently to the legendary BPitch Control run by the eternal persona of Ellen Alien ‹‹haptic interstellar things›› Opening the floor before their 90-minute live set will be Silhouette ‹‹isn’t this black hole too black›› who recently released a swell jungle-inspired album under the Vision of 1994 moniker and for the closing duties we invite our good pal from Berlin – Fugal ‹‹wait for me please››

▚▛▝▞ Boston 168 (live) [Old And Young, Attic Music] ■▝▜▛

▟▚▖ Fugal [secondnature] ▖▛▙

▚▟▀ Silhouette [Nite vibes] ▖▖▛