30–08 Friday

Awesome Tapes From Africa
Eva Porating

While cultural ‹‹bome nnwom›› appropriation is often seen as a one-way route for easy commodification of exotic authenticity ‹‹yaye penda mbaye›› the project Awesome Tapes From Africa has shown us how thoughtful, important and exhilarating these activities could be ‹‹nkran dokunu›› What began as a blog focused on obscure tapes discovered by the founder ‹‹banyere yo›› Brian Shimkovitz in local markets in Ghana later developed ‹‹mech alkugn lela sew›› into one of the most amazing record labels out there ‹‹moma yendodo›› which (by means of official re-releases of the out-of-print tapes) catapulted some ‹‹birtukane›› of the OGs of the twisted West African (club) music such as Ata Kak or Dj Katapila to international prominence. Under his ‘eponymous’ selector moniker Awesome Tapes From Africa is Shimkovitz finally coming to play ‹‹sakawa›› his Czech debut in Ankali along with adjustable local ‹‹tew begize giba›› eclectics Eva Porating and Mutuju ‹‹yemiasles fikir››