11–08 Friday



For the times when things get too serious we’re opening our own KIndergarden, a (nearly) anything-goes gathering, where local heads will sometimes be joined by unlikely guests to nurture the unrestrained parts of your brain. Expect anything and everything.

With the first edition: Africa – we will let the congo drums loose. Directing your round-the-fire dance routine will be the following rhythm collectors: 03 [aka Johnny From The Block], a genuine party boy and master of ceremony of Na Hollaru will be sharing the decks with Bengál CEO Ado (yeseter) and SRBS – a friend that never leaves too early.

Boys have recently cut their teeth warming up the last edition of Komiks party and this time will be given a major part of the night to showcase their quirky side properly accompanied by [WATP] heads Equi, Michael Rasp & dvvn.

This will be fun.