29–09 Friday

Ankali x Rare:




( RARE ), one of our favourite collective of the local scene has been fertilizing the darkest sounds in clubs around the city for years and we’re excited about our first collaboration with the crew. Headlining the night are emerging idiosyncratic producers of today’s post-genre world: JASSS and Primary.

The Spanish-born artists JASSS has been crafting dance music deeply rooted in Darkwave and EBM (primarily via the sensational label Mannequin) transformed into contemporary club language. Her recent gigs include the acclaimed Berlin Atonal festival or Säule at Berghain and has been a household name of the infamous OHM club. The second guest of the night, the enigmatic project Primary, is a hidden gem of the post-industrial scene. In their sets they explore the dark, physical, and neurotic sounds – in perfect sync with the unmistakable ethos of ( RARE ). Warming up the floor will be the co-founder of the collective Whydie? with a refined selection of sable dance music.