03–11 Friday




Trevor Linde live

One of the most important figures of the late 00s European wave of techno, the London-based dj and producer Sigha, is coming back to Prague. Following the Polygon x Avian party at Hala 36 with Shifted and Pris, Sigha will play the Archiv Teknologi party at Ankali.

Both as a curator of his label Our Circula Sound and as a musician, Sigha is an expert when it comes to bleepy, nocturnal atmospheric sound constructions. On his recent album Metabolism released on Token, Sigha reaches further into the realm of synthwave and updates the sound for impeccable club use.

Warming up the floor will be members of Polygon crew. Karst is a joint project of Sinnan and Fleika brought together by mutual devotion to hallucinatory techno. Also on the bill is Trevor Linde, who will perform a precisely forged live set of industrial-informed tunnel vibes.