22–12 Friday




Selektiv Mutism

The red haired techno monarch is back: for the December edition of Archiv Teknologi we’re beyond excitement to host Rødhåd.

Since playing one of the first Polygon parties back in 2014, Rødhåd’s come a long way and is a well deserved posterboy for the new generation of techno worshippers. Rodhad’s profile grew steadily as he’s become a regular on the lineup of Berghain and his label Dystopian reach within the community spread. These days Rodhad tours all over the world preaching to thousands every weekend. His strength lies in loopy extended sets and this is precisely what to expect on the night of December 22nd – Rødhåd will take over the decks at the peak of the night we can only guess how late you’ll be for lunch the next day.

Warm up will be provided by the Polygon and nite vibes boys. Selektiv Mutism are Lobos and Fabian, both djs with singular approach that combined result in killer outcome. Nrmn is the local expert on the fast paced and percussive sounds who works the decks like no other.