01–12 Friday


Gunnar Haslam


Raphael Kosmos

The enigmatic acid master from New York City is coming to Ankali to play at the next edition of No Borders, a night of extemporary sonic turns.

Gunnar Haslam rose to prominence a few years back when the global attention was drawn back to the sounds of the five boroughs. With multiple releases on key US labels of today (L.I.E.S., Mister Saturday Night and The Bunker NY), Haslam’s music is firmly rooted in the heritage of East Coast and Midwest Techno. In the recent years his corrosive, percussion-heavy tracks have become ubiquitous on dancefloors all over, both by means of his solo output or as Romans, a collaborative project between him and Tin Man.

Opening and closing of the night will be served by the local heads Raphael Kosmos and Mutuju. Kosmos is one half of Endless Illusion, a Prague institution specialising in releasing contemporary electro as well as hosting a weekly show on Intergalactic.fm. Mutuju is a regular at Ankali with an ever-changing selection of post-soviet techno, early acid and beyond.