25–12 Monday

Xmess #soft_spot:


Kirill Astra


Right after you finish the last bits of the christmas dinner leftovers, put on that new sweatshirt and head to Ankali where finest german house and minimal techno will be served all night long.

Smallpeople are Julius Steinhoff and Dionne – two friends hailing from Hamburg, where they’re running the record shop Smallville and a record label Smallville Records. The label is a synonym for the late 00s German deep house resurrection and provided djs with such seminal records as STL’s Silent State and dozens of others. The lush warmth of the music pressed on vinyl is wrapped in unmistakable covers by the illustrator Stefan Marx. Expect nothing less than classy house and beyond.

Also on the bill is Kirill Astra, a Russia-born dj who besides being an expert on reduced subtle groovy dance music runs the tiny yet fantastic club Wildt in the other part of Prague. Wrapping up the lineup is Yan, co-founder of Harmony and a regular at Ankali (as well as Wildt) who will add some echoing depth to the otherwise housey night.