15–12 Friday


Toffes Värld aka

Kris Dubinsky

Alfred Czital


Our favourite dub sorcerers Yan and Alfred Czital of Harmony rec. are back to host the final edition of Yuggadus of the year, this time with an enigmatic selector from the north.

With only two releases to his name, Toffes Värld aka Kris Dubinsky is a man difficult to trace – a comforting feature in the world of omnipresent self promo. An author of ambient techno and beyond, Dubinsky clearly gains raw musical ideas in nature and space. His lithe drum tracks and radiant synth scapes evoke creatures and places never heard of – until now. As it is often the case of Ankali, Dubinsky will play a Czech premiere here. Expect a dimensionless trip to the end of time.

Warm up and closing of the night will be provided by the hosts Yan and Alfred Czital, who in the recent years smoothly filled the void of local dub techno connoisseurs with firm focus and a penchant for finest hypnosis-inducing records.

Toffes Värld aka Kris Dubinsky [Kabalion rec.]

Alfred Czital [Harmony rec., Ankali]

Yan [Harmony rec., Ankali]