12–01 Friday

Herrensauna invites:

Taken live


em ju es aj si

Those lucky enough to have ever experienced Herrensauna know the name is well deserved. Possibly the most hyped techno night of the Berlin club scene is a truly sweaty dance affair and the night is known for impeccable bookings that in one night span all the shades that techno encompasses and unlike other promoters often reach for unknown acts and fearless selectors. Their current home is the legendary Tresor club and we’re psyched to have them host a night at Ankali.

Headlining will be Taken – a live act comprising of Nihad Tule & Elias Landberg (also 1/2 of Skudge). Their debut EP Terrorfish/Halcyon outlines what to expect from their live set: upbuilding infinite acid techno at its best.

Also on the lineup is CEM – a resident of Herrensauna and a dj with undisguised love for industrial-informed techno [and house]. The word spreads quickly these days and his growing dj schedule includes Concréte in Paris, Amsterdam’s De School or Kaiku in Helsinki.

Warming up will be em ju es aj si, a dj and a filmmaker who recently moved back to Prague from Berlin and who among other things had shaped the Polygon parties as a resident dj. Expect finest techno only.