19–01 Friday


Edward all night long

Marking the first Soft Spot of the new year will be Giegling’s Edward who will take over our dj booth for an all night long set.

His first output dates back to 2007 [an EP released on WHITE – a label run by his buddy Oskar Offermann], yet it was a string of EPs and an album Edward produced for Giegling that drew attention of the worldwide scene toward his subtle house constructions. Edward’s soft music draws from piano minimalism of the 20th century on one hand and the house psychedelia outlined by Omar S on the other, while the layered instrumental samples give the records a deeply personal layer of hazy memories – all that wrapped around easy yet intricate drum sequences.

Aside from releasing records on Giegling, Die Orakel or PAL SL, Edward has naturally been playing records around the world. In the past often in a tandem with Offermann, but most recently on his own. On Friday January 19th he will take us all on an endless trip beyond the universe of house. As we often say: come early and stay late – this time it’s true more than ever.