31–03 Saturday

Come In

Come In event is moving things to another level by releasing the first record by Citty and for this occasion, we invited the remixer, great Samuli Kemppi.

Samuli Kemppi is a Helsinki-based producer, dj, radio host, promoter, label owner and a record pusher. The techno aficionado with over 30 releases, numerous remixes, and gigs from Buenos Aires to Shanghai, Samuli is one of the best-known techno exports from Finland. Kemppi’s musical style draws from the deeper frequencies of deep house and techno and is known for his incendiary performances that are hard to beat.

Next, on the program is Citty joining his force with Scannt for 3 hours of modular live show!
Citty is live modular techno project founded by Martin Vodicka. The project created to explore the sound possibilities of our times, to examine the effect of sound hypnosis on living subjects, to create impressions of non-existent worlds by using unheard atmospheres and modulation of noise. The variety of sounds Citty composes goes from dark ambient atmospheres and drones to hypnotic techno including not straight rhythms and patterns combined with distortions.

Segment & Raleigh
Segment is the founder of Come In Records.