17–03 Saturday




St. Jakob

Kindergarden is the black sheep of our party schedule: it’s hard to tell what’s gonna happen each time, but that’s what makes it worthwhile. Especially when an idiosyncratic guest from Berlin is coming to join us.

Perila is a regular of Berlin Community Radio – a grassroots online broadcasting service which graduated from being a local affair to be a media platform with global reach. When in a club, Perila’s ”main interest is to provide solid transcending trips and create personal atmosphere on the dance floor”. In other words: her selection exudes personality and far-reaching taste served with rare amount of ease, all of which are qualities slowly melting away from the club music scene of today.

Joining her will be two locals with penchant for the mirrorball-lit sounds of the past and the future. Kierastoboy’s presence on the scene is unmistakable and her excitement for the music of all sorts is highly contagious. She will be showcasing her unconditional love for dance-inducing trax along with St. Jakob, also a local head who runs the party series Good Vibes. They have followed the path of migratory parties shifting various venues around Prague. Their sonic policy is easy to guess. Balearic, Early Disco or Chicago House all tied together in an exhilarating manner.