09–03 Friday




Oliver Torr b2b Motch

For the next edition of No Borders, a party series focused on expanding club sounds, we invited the co-founder of the Discwoman collective and radical producer UMFANG.

Born in Kansas, Emma Olson aka Umfang later relocated to NYC – a city where the very idea of a night club was taking shape throughout the 20th century. In the recent years, a new wave of artists emerged across the city who, rather than perpetuating the reference pool of the lost era of Manhattan discotheques, decided to reboot the social role of Techno for today. A major power behind the shift towards feminism within the Techno scene is Discwoman – a collective of djs established to promote under-the-radar female artists in the world dominated by men. Along with her pal Volvox, Umfang’s impact has been the most striking. Not only due to her ‘(almost) anything goes’ approach to djing, but also thanks to the stellar LP ‘Symbolic Use Of Light’ released by Technicolor – a Ninja Tune’s sister label. The record produced on three analogue instruments is a lecture in simplicity without losing the emotional and political power an album could bring.

Warming up the floor for her Prague debut will be Mutuju, an Ankali resident and promoter who previously introduced some of NYC’s most idiosyncratic djs to the local scene. Also on the bill are Oliver Torr and Motch. Torr is a Prague-born dj and co-founder of XYZ project who recently moved to Berlin to pursue audio-visual studies and will perform a b2b set with Motch – a co-founder of the industrial Pragotron Bar and a dj with penchant for leftfield house sounds and beyond.