06–04 Friday

Ankali x Institut fuer Zukunft:




IfZ aka Institut fuer Zukunft, our favourite club in Leipzig, is back to host a night in Ankali with a string of stellar residents to reign our booth all night: Wilhelm, FAQ and Neele.

IfZ had established itself as a liberal safe space catering the knowing crowd of Leipzig with contemporary club sounds on a regular basis. Besides offering cutting edge programme and treasuring a family of first-rate residents, the two-floor club has been politically aware too, nurturing the often distorted yet fundamental values of our club culture.

“The secret weapon of Leipzig’s house scene” Wilhelm is the latest addition to the IfZ roster, but has been a regular there within the series ‘Proto’ and ‘Young Shields’ [the former recently hosted Roman Flügel]. His selection spans from dubby house via early disco to electric techno and anything in between, all mixed with precise hands. Also on the bill is FAQ, a politically aware dj whose selection tends towards classic electro and beyond. Wrapping up the lineup is Neele, a former hardcore head with ears wide open that lead her to become one of the most versatile djs in Leipzig.

FAQ [Institut fuer Zukunft]

Neele [Institut fuer Zukunft]

Wilhelm [Institut fuer Zukunft]