13–04 Friday

Ankali x Rare:

Ancient Methods

Trevor Linde


( RARE ), one of the most coherent and adventurous local club nights is bringing Ancient Methods to Ankali along with Trevor Linde and resident Whydie?.

Since the humble beginnings 7 years ago ( RARE ) has become a trusted night institution for dark, EBM-infused synthwave and broken techno – sounds that all resonate within the output of Ancient Methods, who draws from post-punk and industrial and heralds the wave of artists who recalibrated techno by means of controlled sonic aggression and noise.

Local supoort will be provided by Trevor Linde, a member of Polygon and multifaceted dj with a penchant for deconstructed metallic techno and beyond. Wrapping up the lineup is Whydie?, co-founder of ( RARE ) and a tireless hunter for mind bending deformative dance sounds.