28–04 Saturday

Kmitočet 0.1 w/




After relentless planning and preparation, Kmitočet is invading the shores of Ankali for its first assault together with an assemblage of colleagues from all corners of the World.

Goldwiener, the American Serge modular master currently residing in Berlin, is bringing his 73-75 Serge system with his vintage Serge from the 70s. Along with an extensive hardware setup.

The Windowlickerz (Oliver Torr + HRTL), will be bringing their A – game after their first performance at Lunchmeat, and successive performances in Berlin and Prague. Ascending from planet Kikumoto of the 303rd solar system. Carefully sculpted synthetics, dripping basslines, soulful, rigid percussion. The Windowlickerz are bound to deliver sensual vibration to your guts and soul. Fleet commander known to Earth as Hrtl and resonant lunar module specialist with Terran moniker Oliver Torr just left hyperspace, ready to land.

HRTL’s music evolved from post-witch-house towards repetitive rhythms with rich melodic and sound elements, changing atmosphere and playful structures. Be it dirty house with 80’s feeling, fluorescent techno or dark, bubbly beats, HRTL never plays the same thing twice. Because as well as his live performances, his recordings are improvised and built 100% on hardware synthesizers.

Tomáš Niesner comes from a live music background, his solo work containing arrangements ranging from ambient music, drone, and avant garde music. Using the modular synthesiser, the guitar, and field recordings, he sculpts endless sonic landscapes suitable for warming up Ankali’s finest sound system.

Levi Staniczek knows that do must do what is right
As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti.

Prague based double agent PSJ, Ankali’s resident working in tandem with the Prague and the Brno outpost, is the perfect closer for the night, elevating consciousness into zen levels as always.


The Windowlickerz (Oliver Torr + HRTL)


Levi Staniczek