18–05 Friday


Alex.Do all night long

For a few nights a year we invite some of the most versatile djs to take control of our sound system all night long. It is a special occasion for everyone, especially the dj himself, as in this scenario one can work the crowd in an unparallelled way. Next up in the all night long series is coming the Dystopian wunderkid: Alex.Do.

Alex.Do mirrors the ethos of Dystopian utterly his lengthy sets explore ominous sounds and space-expanding atmospheres as well as trance-inducing beat sequences, all that at often fast-paced speed. In the past few years he’s spread the Dystopian gospel all over the world from Brazil to Azerbaijan. Born in 1989, his selection is that of a time traveller who takes the bits of Techno past and melts it together with its contemporary mutations.

For this one night, Alex.Do will play from the beginning till the end, and as it is always the case with the all nighters: to come early and stay late is something we could only highly recommend.