24–08 Friday

Inga Mauer

No Borders is back with the idiosyncratic producer Inga Mauer playing along with Berlin-based dj Fugal and local selector fleika.

Inga Mauer is a Russian-born artist who embodies the free-form approach to Techno-centric music we’ve witnessed in the past few years. She draws from the heritage of Dutch electro, EBM as well as more straightforward club sounds and has managed to create a solid oeuvre of records that are both club-ready and personal. She’s affiliated with labels as diverse as Coméme, Hivern Discs and Shtum and her recent gigs include Bassiani, ://about blank or Melt Festival.

Taking over the decks after her will be Fugal, an American dj and producer currently based in Germany, whose style “moves in a space of dynamic tension between dense, insistent rhythmics and nuanced emotion.” Warming up the floor will be fleika, a resident of Ankali with penchant for psychedelic Techno and beyond.