08–09 Saturday

ミ g r e y . s k i e s:
Black Merlin
Exhausted Modern


from delays of the past to signals of the future
from ( RARE ) sounds to Endless Illusion . .

– – – special guest – – –

Black Merlin (Pinkman, Mannequin, Jealous God, UK)

George Thompson is a serene traveller through unknown realms of slow-paced music for clubs and headphones. Permeating throughout his discography are echoes of EBM, Industrial and Synthwave, all that reconfigured with a clear sense for weird and eerie sounds. Black Merlin’s set of slo-mo goodness for informed heads will be preceded with a set by Exhausted Modern (aka Layup), local Electro wave explorer. Wrapping up the lineup is whydie?, a dj with penchant for hidden gems from the darkest corners of the music of the past.

– – – locals – – –

Exhausted Modern (Endless Illusion, Intergalactic FM)
whydie? ( RARE )


Grey Skies is a mutual effort of ( RARE ) and Endless Illusion focusing on grubby, eerie electronics.