22–12 Saturday

Kmitočet 1.2:

Third installment of Kmitočet is about to twiddle all your knobs and pots. A class synthesizer performances all night long:

Barcelona based synthesizer mastermind is bringing his unique hybrid modular liveset. Seamlessly combining vivid sharp synth textures with fluid percussion fills entire sound spectrum with excitement. Expressing himself in different forms as an artist and musician he became an icon of Barcelona´s synth scene.

An intimate, emotionally immersive project of London based musician, free improviser and sound artist Lucie Stepankova.

Windowlickerz – HRTL&Oliver Torr
Carefully sculpted synthetics, dripping basslines, soulful, rigid percussion. The Windowlickerz are bound to deliver sensual vibration to your guts and soul.

Nathan Solo
Prague´s emerging techno experimenter also known from well established duo Binar will showcase his collection of blips and kicks weaved in dusty noise and echoes.