18–01 Friday

Ankali x Salon des Amateurs:
Tolouse Low Trax
Exhausted Modern
Raphael Kosmos

The intricate outernational sound of Salon des Amateurs has been one of the most cherished veins of contemporary club culture with just a handful of those responsible for the spread and one of them is coming back to Prague – Tolouse Low Trax.

Tolouse Low Trax creates dance music that is rooted in Krautrock and EBM, but he somehow managed to merge the two [and other influences] to create something far beyond ordinary. And as the word was spreading about his percussive, pulsating slo-mo burners, so did his reputation as a dj with vast collection of obscure music for listening as well as lethal selection of adventurous Acid, as some of you have witnessed at his Prague debut performance back in 2014.

Warming up the floor will be our resident Møreti who continuously takes musical risks to please dancefloors with an ever-changing sophisticated selection. Wrapping up the lineup are local electro aficionados of the Endless Illusion label – Exhausted Modern and Raphael Kosmos