02–02 Saturday

Dolce & Gabba:
Gabber Eleganza
Blazing Bullets feat. Whiskas
Axe Wife & Hyaen

Dolce & Gabba is a new safe space for high-speed club sounds forged and delivered by minds stretched between 1992 and 2066. To untie the knots of sanity for the first time we invite the Italian mastermind Gabber Eleganza along with a string of dedicated local heads.

Gabber Eleganza came to life in 2011 as a curated archive and music project mainly focused on hardcore aesthetic and post-rave cultures, “capturing the brute, in-your-face sound of hardcore as well as the current wave of underground club and electronic music drawing inspiration from rave and gabber sounds.” On Saturday February 2nd 2019 it’s hitting Prague for the first time & in full effect with a two-hour set of fast-paced hardcore extravaganza.

Heating up the floor will be Axe Wife [aka Mutuju] and Hyaen [of the collective Wrong] in a premiere b2b set while the closing frenzy will be directed by the members of BLAZING BULLETS and Whiskas.