30–03 Saturday

San Trancisco:
Luigi Di Venere
Trance Kafka

San Trancisco: new club event in Ankali inspired by the 90s boom of trance, rave or acid. It will present the early days as well as it’s heritage in the present music.
First edition conveniently on 303 day will host Cocktail D’amore associate Luigi di Venere.

The times, when you were feeding your Tamagochi, rewinding movies on VHS and your sneakers were lit. ?

? Luigi Di Venere (IT/DE)
The CockTail d’Amore Berlin resident and Panorama Bar & Lab.oratory regular is coming to present the atmosphere of early 90s raves that he often reflects in his rather balearic, cosmic-soundscapes-oriented and explosive DJ sets.

? Transwagon
After years of study at Goa, the coach is back in Europe to show you the spiritual ways. Prepare for high energy selection of uplifting trance. Hands up!

? Trance Kafka
As semi-half-cousin of John Digweed’s brother in law, he also finds his inner peace in soothing rhythms and melodies of progressive house of 00’s, which will heat up the dancefloor properly.