27–03 Wednesday

The Abyss Within Us
[Claudio PRC+menion]
Black Acid

Following the intense experience with the Wanderwelle show in January, we’ll transform Ankali again into a cozy room impeccably set up for a deep listening experience. Emitting [mostly ambient] sound waves within the first live transmission of Shoes Off will be the Italian duo The Abyss Within Us as well as two idiosyncratic local acts – Black Acid and Dash.

The Abyss Within Us is an audiovisual project initiated by Italian musicians Claudio Porceddu aka Claudio PRC and Stefano Ferrari aka Menion with a visual contribution by the Italian cinematographer Daniele Giuseppe Bornino. Their eponymous debut release saturated with found footage and carefully adjusted synthetic beats and sounds was released on The Gods Planet label and prior their live set two local acts will open with homologous sounds equalized for a genuine brain-melting experience. Black Acid aka Nina Pixel is locked in to play a live set, likely to be derived from her echoing praxis as heard on the split tape released on Punctum Tapes, while the Ambient Techno workaholic Dash will play an opening sleepy hybrid live/DJ set.

*In order to provide adequate comfort for all attendees we will only release a very limited amount of tickets for this show and we strongly advise to purchase ticket in presale to prevent disappointment.

PRESALE TICKETS: https://bit.ly/2Iksp37

Running order will be published the day before the event at http://anka.li