30–04 Tuesday

Walpurgis Wrong Night:
Azar Swan

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Death sentence:

AZAR SWAN, the core members of orchestral goth project Religious To Damn, Zohra Atash and Joshua Strawn turn their once instrumental ensemble into a sprawling electro-encased duo whose narrative is framed by noise and driven by drum machine. Industrial Pop: Two parts hard percussion and shimmering ambience, and one part majestic yet pointed vocals. The shift was sparked by a two-fold realization from Atash and Strawn who were looking to consolidate the writing process by eliminating the unnecessary weight that comes with coordinating multiple musicians, combined with a mutual revived interest in electronic music and hip-hop beats.

HOMOAGENT is the collaborative project of Basque techno and drone artist Triames and British electronic composer Anton Maiof. Vicious darkroom techno working as the fictional soundtrack to one cop’s journey into underground S&M dungeons to catch a killer.

WRONG is Prague-based DJ/promoters collective and label focused on various styles of hard contemporary club sound (techno/EBM/industrial/noise/hardcore/weird).

No phones allowed on dancefloor.
No hair gel in the area.
Next day is public holiday.