27–07 Saturday

Disco Církev ~ local affair

Summer sweat and the need for disco tanzen is bringing us back to the temple of Ankali, with an outside-inside local affair. Local revereds will take us through a journey from the evening sun at the newly christened garden stage to the well known inside dancefloor, preaching only the finest that their record collections have to offer.

Warming up with NCOL, the local honeybunny that is slowly but surely capturing the hearts and souls of Prague and elsewhere, with her love-fuelled sensations that will make you cry, dance and reminisce all at the same time.

Meeting of old-school and new-school, VIK will be joined by DC resident DJ DISCOBOLLOS. Both very active crate diggers, this will be a battle royale between old and new blood, record trumps with every headphone swap guaranteed.

Lets see what the deviant SINNAN, whose musical progression went from straight hypnotic techno to more eclectic selections will come up with, along with his partner in crime, newbie STILL SPARKLING. These two shadow entities have a lot to do with the inner workings of Ankali, which gives them the advantageous position of knowing the crowd almost too well.

MUTUJU, the DJ raver, very much embodying Spinal Tap’s keyboardist life ethos: ‘Have a good time, all the time’. Party beatzz guaranteed.

PSJ will be joined by DC resident DJ SEN. Combining local Czechoslovak delights with the whole World of disco, this is going to be a long and kaleidoscopic roller coaster ride, full of loop-de-loops, barrel rolls and plenty of airtime.

For those who remember DISCO MØRETI’s set after Prosumer, you know you’re not going to want him to ever stop spinning. Luft and Ankali’s cherished by all ‘quiet guy’, will once again evolve into his final form, with a plethora of the most danceable and underrated cuts probably of the whole night.

And closing the night, lets see what RAPHAEL KOSMOS brings us this time, we are thinking perhaps the darker fields of disco, bridging the gap between disco, post punk and EBM perhaps, but we don’t want to make any assumptions.