20–07 Saturday

Summer of Doom:
by Ankali & the last Nachtdigital ever

*This event will take place at Rohanské nábřeží in Karlín, near the concrete plant (https://goo.gl/maps/bpUcaAixSHBxeRRn7) from 14.00 to 22:00 (day) with continuation in Ankali from 22:30 to 08:00 (night). Check our FB event for more info.

We grew close with Nachti and they are coming back to Prague to start saying goodbye:

“With summer in full swing, we are going to serve you the final appetizer before the last Nachtdigital ever.
We will partner once again with Ankali, our Prague-based friends that in recent times have made their way into our hearts. Ankali has garnered a name for itself in its two years of life thanks to its heterogeneous selection of artists, careful attention to detail, and ability to craft a homey feeling, a set of values shared between us.

This 20th of July we will come together as one to give you a little taste of what will be waiting for you at the last edition of our festival.
Showcasing a roster of artists that represents our mutual commitment to diversity, we will join forces across two spaces, a daytime open air, and a nighttime club event. A cocktail both refreshing and explosive: the perfect pairing for a summer day as it fades into night.”