13–09 Friday

Ankali x Wrong:
Wrong Corps

At this point in time, Perc basically equals Industrial Techno ‹‹the thought that counts but not today›› At least all the goodness happening in this field ‹‹look what your love has done to me›› Founding the eponymous Perc Trax label in 2004 ‹‹blind to all colours except for black›› Ali Wells aka Perc began releasing his own banging productions as well as curating an impeccable line of releases crafted by the likes of Ansome, Truss or I Hate Models ‹‹take your body off and show me your veins›› In the meantime his hands soaked in British bloodshed of relentless Techno sound has touched the controls in booths all over the world including Berghain and Tresor ‹‹rotting sound waiting for the right time›› A genuinely perfect match for the sonic approach the hosts of Wrong crew have on their agenda ‹‹horse gum sliding over my tongue›› Needless to say the three founders aka Trauma, Heartsick Mother and Jim Hate will all be djing for a good part of the night as well as our resident nrmn.

⑂⑃ Perc ⑃⑂ [Perc Trax]

nrmn ⇝  [Ankali, nite vibes]

Wrong Corps ᕳ [Wrong]