20–09 Friday

Paquita Gordon
Beta Librae

Among the stellar lineup of the very last Nachtdigital festival held in August outside of Dresden, there was one performance that everyone in the camp wouldn’t stop chatting about: Paquita Gordon ‹‹x-files for those who saw zero episodes›› And even though we’ve invited her to play in Ankali way before that moment ‹‹trance more valid than your usual atmospheres›› this situation has only cemented our thoughts of this upcoming party to be one to remember ‹‹why bother with pundits›› When on the decks, Gordon radiates immense amounts of energy, most part of which transcribes ‹‹move until you can’t›› directly into the tunes she plays – direct, broken, speedy and heavy on percussions ‹‹so much to lose your mind to›› Joining her for her Czech debut will be Beta Librae, a Brooklyn-based artist with major cuts released on Physical Therapy’s Allergy Season label and a massive future to come ‹‹trust our judgement››. Møreti is wrapping up the lineup – because who else!

💚 Paquita Gordon 💚 [Terraforma]

🍃 Beta Librae 🍃 [Allergy Season]

🔋 Møreti 🔋 [Ankali, Luft]