06–09 Friday

#yuggadus meets Smoke Machine:
Alfred Czital

Yuggadus is back ‹‹mountain people high›› The deep exploratory takeover hosted by Yan and Alfred Czital will this time shift the focus to SMOKE MACHINE ‹‹grass under feet cleansing the white powder›› According to their own words, SMOKE MACHINE ”stands for the current Taipei subculture, art, and techno scene” ‹‹secular oratorium›› An all-encompassing endeavour indeed ‹‹flacid energy make room for morning breeze›› Besides that the crew is also responsible for Organik Festival – an annual gathering for transcendental club music held in the lush hills of Taiwan’s Hutin ‹‹transcontinental exchange›› Coming to represent the phenomenon in Ankali are Dorisburg and Diskonnected ‹‹perpetual storytelling›› while making an expected appearance will be Yan and Alfred Czital, residents of the night.

𝝯 Dorisburg 𝝯 [Smoke Machine]
Diskonnected ⧔ [Smoke Machine]
Alfred Czital live ◉ [Ankali, Harmony Rec.]
Yan ⧨ [Ankali, Harmony Rec.]