25–10 Friday

Aurora Halal all night long

Aurora Halal is a musician and promoter from New York City ‹‹dreaming is mutual when you expect rain›› and when examining her influence ‹‹eternal blue is the color human sacrifice›› over the local scene, one could hardly overestimate the depth of her practice. She founded the party series Mutual Dreaming she’s been hosting around Brooklyn for nearly a decade and the project naturally evolved into a record label ‹‹tents are allowed for those who resist›› Halal is utilizing as a platform for her solo output ‹‹never sure where exactly I am but always wondering›› A few years back she founded the Sustain Release festival ‹‹camping upstate alone is perilous›› an annual gathering of contemporary club music creators and dancers. In the time of large branded festivals, Sustain Release favors community over growth and has become one of the most beloved in North America ‹‹sleep distortion affects your ability to think›› This October Halal finally returns to Ankali and this time around ‹‹passing over the moving objects›› she’ll be in control of your mind and body from the beginning till the very late end ‹‹dissociate yourself from benign sounds››

حلال Aurora Halal حلال [Mutual Dreaming]