19–10 Saturday

XYZ x Ankali:
Russell E.L. Butler
Oliver Torr

This one has been a long time coming for us, our first label night in collaboration with our second home of Ankali.

We have invited some of our favourite Czech musicians and DJs alongside Russell E.L. Butler. Originally from Bermuda, he has been a staple in the San Francisco Bay Area music scene for quite some time now. You might know him under his moniker @Black Jeans, focusing on minimal synth and EBM influenced genres, recently stretching his sounds to genres like electro, techno and house under his own given name. We have become friends with Russell during his three month stay as a resident of the @Synth Library, and were determined to bring him back. Check out his latest Resident Advisor mix, which was actually recorded on a hazy Tuesday afternoon in Ankali’s booth. Check out the feature, to get a glimpse into how Russell felt about being in Prague: https://www.residentadvisor.net/podcast-episode.aspx?id=686

We also welcome Bastl Instruments’ own CEO, OGJ, who has been making some great waves again recently. He will warm up the floor for us, with a live set using various synthesisers and machines. Joining him for the ride from Brno is a young newcomer to the Czech electronic landscape, Prozac, who concentrates on live synthesiser improvisations that wont let your feet stand still. Check out his podcast for the ÉTER collective here: https://soundcloud.com/eter_podcasts/eter-podcast-13-prozac

XYZ’s co-founder Oliver Torr will be DJing before Russell, and Ankali’s own PSJ will be closing the night into the morning hours, so prepare yourself for an eclectic trippy ride through emotions, genres, and dance creations.