22–11 Friday

10 Years Stroboscopic Artefacts:
Silvia Kastel

Ten years of stepping bass drums, crystal-clear synth work and hypnagogic soundscapes: Stroboscopic Artefacts have been guiding the ears and minds of many in the past decade ‹‹chloroform peeling off your face›› fabricating an enclave on its own terms among a seemingly saturated sphere of contemporary Techno ‹‹clean the stained glass please›› To celebrate the occasion three extraordinary artists are coming to Ankali to induce controlled psychosis: the Italian hypnosis-master and SA label boss Lucy ‹‹a ghost love story told by another ghost›› Sandwell District-affiliated American enigma Rrose and Silvia Kastel ‹‹body out body in all gently mingle›› One of the nights that lack the need of further description, seducing the minds and bodies solely with its inner gravitas ‹‹milgram experiment is a fraud››

🝪 Lucy 🝪 [ Stroboscopic Artefacts ]

🜸 Rrose 🜸 [ Stroboscopic Artefacts, Sandwell District ]

🜹 Silvia Kastel 🜹 [ Stroboscopic Artefacts, NTS ]