01–11 Friday

Ankali’s Own:
Eva Porating & Sinnan

Four heads, eight hands, tons of records, open minds ‹‹are you seriously wearing this›› The irregular & familiar get-together which came to be known as Ankali’s Own is back with ‹‹morse code is not the only code›› a strong lineup of members of our core crew of resident DJs ‹‹what is it like to really be there for a friend›› Moreti regularly brings good fortune to those who believe in vast sonic universe ‹‹missing out is never easy›› while Mutuju is never too shy to pull out the cheesy sounds ‹‹think local act more local›› A remarkable back-to-back is lined up for this occasion too ‹‹cherish your homeland gold›› as Sinnan and Eva Porating will be intersecting their collections of extraordinary club sounds and yielding drums.