08–11 Friday

Steffen Bennemann

Those who remember the blurry days ‹‹never hard enough›› of circa 2015 [when anything was possible when it comes to Techno in Prague] will most likely recall the monumental vibes of one of the Polygon parties at the Main Railway Station ‹‹can you be more specific please›› Those blowing heavy air through our eardrums that night were Karenn aka Blawan & Pariah ‹‹the whole is not always greater than the sum of its parts›› They have since cemented their reputation as hardware masters of all ceremonies and following their separate performances in Ankali they’re finally touching the ground in Lopuchová to recalibrate our minds with 90 minutes of heavy machinery ‹‹long nights precede short days›› Our Nachti pal Steffen Bennemann is finally back ‹‹karenn o is my favorite singer btw›› to take care of the closing business while local hero nrmn opens.

Karenn ⫷ [ Voam ]

Steffen Bennemann ⨳ [ Nachtdigital ]

nrmn ▧ [ Ankali, nite vibes ]