29–11 Friday

Job Jobse
Elena Colombi

Behold – Strangelove comes to Ankali. A night curated by Job Jobse has been poking around some of the finest dancefloors in the Schengen area such as IfZ in Leipzig ‹‹colombi means colombian in colombian›› Village Underground in London or ://about blank in Berlin ‹‹do me a favor›› Jobse is a Dutch selector who in the past couple years has become a synonym of heterogeneous good-times distributor ‹‹holland tunnel dive›› His morning set at the final edition of Nachtdigital was one of our favorite sets of the weekend and we’re more than pleased to hand over the reins of one night in Ankali to him and his guest ‹‹amsterdam is the new amsterdam›› Elena Colombi, a ‘champion of free-spirited eclecticism’ and an all-in-all open-minded persona ‹‹landing in schiphol with sober mind›› Expect a long night crowded with heartwarming situations.


🎉 Job Jobse 🎉 [ De School, Strangelove ]

🎊 Elena Colombi 🎊 [ Osàre! Editions, NTS ]