06–12 Friday

Efdemin & Marco Shuttle all night long

One of them baptized Ankali on the very first night the club opened its gates to all of you ‹‹is transducer the opposite of cisducer›› the other stole the show at our first anniversary ‹‹shuttle bus will be provided›› Need we say more to emphasize what an exceptional union this is ‹‹save the prinz in decay›› Efdemin and Marco Shuttle transcend hypnotic Techno in all its greatness ‹‹al around the extinct fires›› from slick beat poetry to gritty acidic dust and with their back-to-back have descended to such revered dancefloors as Shelter ‹‹forgot the lyrics of the moon chant›› Concréte or Terraforma Festival, and the constellation of bodies and minds is finally ready for them to take over your heads (and our club) for one whole night ‹‹pretend we’re not in the room›› A long one indeed ‹‹dial m for mindful››