21–12 Saturday

Disco Církev w/ Italo Brutalo

For Christmas we decided to gift you and ourselves the bundle of joy that is ITALO BRUTALO. German synth wizard brings his record collection to the sacred space of Ankali, joined by local’s finest – Sobert Rhythm. Finally.

To quote Brutalo’s biography:

“Press play and travel to a smokey 80s studio in southern Italy, there is a knackered desk, some fat mono synths covered in dust, a crappy digital effect box and a pre programmed drum machine that somebody detached from a Farfisa organ that just plays an endless disco beat blasting angry italo disco from the basement, not exactly what you have here but it’s the first image you maybe have in your head when you hear an Italo Brutalo production. 21st century italo vibe, perfect music for your splatter short movie festival.”

These words probably best describe Italo Brutalo’s sound. Also check out his studio process in Electronic Beats feature https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLx3tFNUUYA, and his quite recent B-Sides showcase https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVyaa3ywzLQ.
After you do all that, make yourself a few espresso’s and have a listen to: https://soundcloud.com/italobrutalo/djing-ipse-berlin-1

The local secret sauce around Italo Brutalo will be Disco Církev’s well established disco tag team of St. Jakob and DJ Sen, along with ( RARE ) head honcho SOBERT RHYTHM aka whydie? making his premiere.
Lets see what Sobert Rhythm has in his disco crates – being known as a forerunner for all things EBM / post-punk / new wave in Prague, we are more than intrigued to hear what he has to play for us.