11–12 Wednesday

Grand River
Favor & Protection

Shoes Off is our irregular endeavour established to foster concentrated listening to music made to move your mind rather than your body (hence the redundancy of footwear) ‹‹southwest Ontario is the landscape of my dreams›› This time around we welcome Aimée Portioli aka Grand River ‹‹don’t tie your laces now›› a Berlin-based composer & musician who creates hard-to-grasp ‹‹turn your life off›› floating compositions with roots in Ambient and experimental Electronica as well as New Age music ‹‹washing the banks of the prettiest little town›› Her debut album ‘Pineapple’ was released on Spazio Disponibile ‹‹our knees suddenly touch›› a label run by her fellow Italians Neel and Donato Dozzy and on Wednesday December 11th she’s locked in for a Prague debut live concert in Ankali ‹‹the question is could you stop›› Opening is Favor and Protection aka Trevor Linde with his ever-evolving live set and wrapping up the lineup is local Techno favorite Dash ‹‹shady spots in pleasure garden››

🍁 Grand River 🍁 [ Spazio Disponibile, One Instrument ]

🍃 Dash 🍃 [ Duna, REM Phase ]

🍂 Favor & Protection 🍂 [ Polygon ]