15–12 Sunday

Xmas Sale

No pressure, but Christmas is approaching. Have you figured out your gifts for close ones? Haven’t you forgot someone? Christmas edition of our cute fashion market will be happening on December 15th, just in time to grab some last-minute Xmas treats. DJs at your convenience: Silhouette and Oliver Torr


Do you buy clothes compulsively? Are your unused clothes piling up in your room? Would you like to get rid of that Balenciaga sweatshirt which you never wear? Or are you looking for a place to sell clothes? Is your winter collection ready? If you’re interested, it’s all very simple:

— send photos of the clothes you’d like to sell to sale@anka.li
— after confirmation, pay the 500CZK fee (paypal)
— we will provide a table and a hanger

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the email mentioned above.