17–01 Friday


We’re back from a New Year break with two of our favorite Techno heavyweights who are finally joining forces for who-knows-how-many-hours-long b2b set behind the wheels of Ankali: Sigha & Shifted ‹‹our father is your father too›› Aside from running the label Our Circula Sound ‹‹resurface when everyone is gone›› Sigha keeps himself busy on the production side as well, most recently as Neon Chambers – a collaboration between him and Kangding Ray ‹‹hotflush the water from your mouth›› Shifted aka Guy Brewer is a veteran of British scene who shifted (pun intended) to Techno after a decade of broken beat produced as member of the duo Commix ‹‹living with ghosts not for everyone›› The two retain an unshakeable position among the most revered Techno selectors of the past years and ‹‹clairvoyant mind tires easily›› on Friday January 17th they will be ready to transport your mind into a parallel universe where black holes are darker than you would have ever thought ‹‹don’t embrace the politics of dying it’s too scary››

⬮⬮ Sigha ⬮⬮ [ Avian, Token Records ]

●● Shifted ●● [ Avian ]

⬬⬬ fleika ⬬⬬ [ Ankali, Polygon]