31–01 Friday

Levon Vincent

On a third date you already know it’s going somewhere, and in the case of Mr. LV we’re pretty sure about that ‹‹ain’t it don’t change›› His Prague debut at the inconceivably memorable daytime Polygon party ‹‹a scientist working in the field of ass-shakery›› in Holešovice port back in 2015 coalesced with the release of his eponymous LP was followed by a similarly unforgettable Ankali debut in 2018 and now it’s time for a grand ritornel in the wake of his recent album World Order Music ‹‹did you know that novelevon›› As always, Vincent the producer shaves every ornament off the body of House Music and builds upon its immortal core ‹‹complicated people carry large brains›› equipped with a peculiar type of sonic melancholia and magnificently powerful yet intrinsically reduced drum register ‹‹new york is not what is used to be but neither are you›› Now he’s back to share the magic in Ankali along with two of our core crew of residents – Mutuju and Yan ‹‹It can make you dance and it can make you contemplate››