House rules

To make sure all of us have a good time at Ankali, here are couple of ground rules that we kindly ask you to follow.


Any guests under 18 years of age are not allowed to enter. But don’t worry, good things come to those who wait. We reserve the right to ask the visitors to present their ID or any valid document, as a proof of their age.

Our guests should be aware of Ankali’s specific position in the club culture and its characteristic musical approach. We care deeply about our community and its values, therefore people without any knowledge of Ankali’s principles may be rejected at the door or evicted from the club.

Other things which raise attention of our doormen when they greet you at the door are: drugs, liquids, guns and visible intoxication resulting in aggressive and loud behaviour. All our guests agree to be searched upon the arrival to the club.

For certain events we offer a limited amount of pre-sale tickets. Purchasing a ticket in advance does not guarantee you will be allowed to enter the club. Some of the reasons for not allowing you an entry with a ticket are mentioned above and further. If you get refused at the door, you’ll get a full refund of the ticket cost.

Once you get in, it’s all very simple. Just treat others with respect regardless of origin, age, gender, sexual orientation and religion. Violent, homophobic, sexistic behaviour or any other kind of harassment or discrimination will lead to the end of  your night at Ankali. And if you happen to witness such manners, please contact any member of our staff right away.

Keep an eye on your friends and fellow clubbers. If they start to appear unwell or uncomfortable, then check if they’re ok and let our staff know. We all want safe and friendly space where we help each other.

As you would expect, light effects and conditions at the club may pose a danger for people with epilepsy or any other sensory issues.

To ensure everyone’s privacy and comfort while clubbing, it is strictly forbidden to take pictures in the club. No exceptions. Disobeying this rule will lead to the end of your night at Ankali. Larger camera equipment has to be checked into our cloakroom.

Dancefloor is for dancing. Please leave your bright screens hidden in the pocket.  

‘Love thy neighbour’ they say, so please keep that in mind when approaching or leaving Ankali and try to hide your excitement as much as you can.

Distribution of advertisement or any promotional material in the club is not welcome. Please, don’t deface our space and equipment (no tagging, no stickers) or you will bear the cleaning costs.

We store your lost clothes for two weeks after the event. After that, we give them to the charity. Smaller and valuable items are stored for a period of two months.

Some parts of the club are equipped with CCTV for security reasons. By entering Ankali you consent to being recorded.

We are not responsible for items lost in the club or in the cloakroom.

Smoking is only allowed outdoors.