Digging through November

On November 3rd we are hosting our befriended crew from LÄRM in Budapest. One of the performing DJs will be Imre Kiss – almost a regular at our club, one could say. To be honest, we have a thing for Imre, and since he plays a part in this month’s programme, we thought it would be only natural to let him dig into the rest of it.


2–11–2018 #archiv_teknologi with Vril, Tijana T, fleika

I’ve played with Tijana T in Amsterdam not so long ago and she absolutely smashed the floor. Vril just released an album on the amazing Delsin records. Here is my pick from it:

3-11-2018 Ankali X LÄRM with Imre Kiss, Aiwa, Max Sinclair, Manek, Mill Burray

There are very few clubs in Europe I would travel hours for just to spend a night there. Ankali is one of them. Really happy we could host them this summer in LÄRM and looking forward to share a booth with friends on our showcase this November in Ankali.

Aiwa’s analog heavy live sets are a joy to listen to. This is a track from his EP that came out on Banlieue Records last year:

Max Sinclair is one of my favourite selectors in Hungary, this is a set he made for Disco Církev:



9-12-2018 #no_borders with The Black Madonna, Mutuju, PSJ

Now it is interesting to look back, before The Black Madonna became the DJ phenomenon she is today she had already established herself as a talented producer and released gems such as this:

16-11-2018 #soft_spot with Konstantin & Leafar Legov all night long

Giegling is an important label and I think it has a special place in Czech hearts. Here is a beautiful track from their vast catalogue:

24-11-2018 #yuggadus meets Patterns of Perception with Steve Duncan, Kim Bergstrand, Alfred Czital, Yan

I wasn’t familiar with this young Berlin based crew but their podcast and event series deserve a closer look.

30-11-2018 #archiv_teknologi with Blawan, Silhouette, Trevor Linde

This picture is worth a thousand words. The daily struggles of travelling with gear: