Digging through December

The man behind many memorable nights in our club, Vašek a.k.a whydie?, has accepted our little challenge and pinned down few of the sounds which caught his attention from this cold month’s schedule. And he has added a few kind words as well.

Year and a half passed quite fast since Ankali had opened its metal gate for the first time to public. I believe that after tens & hundreds of hours danced on the dancefloor, no Prague clubber is in doubt, that this is THE right place to visit regulary for what they love – finest underground music selectors serving their production thru top notch soundsystem, but still in kind of intimate atmosphere and privacy of the place.

That’s what I can be totally identified with, not only as clubber, but more as a promoter and a dj (even though I don’t like to name myself like that) as well. My absolute personal highlights so far were definitely the night with Frank D’Arpino from Salon des Amateurs and Uprising series with Phuong Dan, both parties supported by our local selectors R.Kosmos and Møreti.

It’s important to mention that our collaborations with the venue more or less always worked out very succesfully and I really enjoyed all events we arranged together with Endless Illusion boys. Pure madness was Rare 8 years anniversary with Violet Poison and Phase Fatale where our fella Exhausted Modern played one of the best dj sets I have ever heard, and also the nights with Helena Hauff or Ron Morelli, just to name few.

Ankali crew is doing great job in selecting and booking artists for every single month and upcoming December is not any different. Even though I am not so familiar with the whole programme, I tried to dive a bit and pick what sounds promising to me.

14–12–2018 ミ g r e y . s k i e s with Terrence Fixmer, Exhausted Modern, Raphael Kosmos, whydie?

Started in late 90s, signed to International Deejay Gigolo fame, common project with Douglas McCarthy from Nitzer Ebb…latest LP on Ostgut Ton. What’s to say more, let the music speak:

15–12–2018 Disco Církev with Mark Du Mosch, Oni Girazu, Ori Matori, Galactic Jackson

Looks like I will finally attend this event this month, as I heard so many nice things about it.

21–12–2018 #archiv_teknologi with Rødhåd all night long

I like his off beat production but also ‘classic’ hypnotic techno side:

26–12–2018 Deviant #2 with Oceanic, Sinnan, St. Jakob

Got into him only in this occasion, sounds like a nice party between xmass and nye.

29–12–2018 Worse #2 with Tara in Tibet, JNKR, Umresh, Hyaen, Trauma

These are our dark brothers and sisters from Wrong collective and it’s important to support the family ,). I adore their unstoppable enthusiasm, this one looks like a lot of dark fun before I will leave the city for NYE: